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  • carefree summer

    ...the other side of summer that I'm so fond of: swimming in the ocean, collecting shells, lakeside picnic lunches, sleeping on the porch and listening to the boats make waves in the early morning hours, watching the sun through the treetops swinging in the hammock, catching lightening bugs, reading a book for hours, rainy afternoons, flashlights after dark, sitting on the dock watching the water, the sounds and smells of family dinners...
  • summer routines

    As moms we feel the tension of the lazy days of summer and the need to structure our days so we have some sense of control. Girls in the preteen phase of life are already feeling as though their life is out of control (their emotions, friendships, physical changes, etc). It's a normal transformation and I'm sure you remember those same feelings when you were growing up.
  • embracing girlhood

    I was a child of the 80's: Cabbage Patch Kids, Rainbow Brite, Little House on the Prairie, The Babysitters Club Books...There were so many things in that decade that a girl in her preteen years could enjoy. I was extremely shy, quiet, and really liked doing certain things by myself (now we have labels such as introverted, highly sensitive person, etc.) I also had a very awkward preteen phase, but I had the things that brought me so much joy like...