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carefree summer


girl jumping into lake


When I think back on the summers of my girlhood, I remember the summers we spent traveling to landmark cities, touring our new hometown when we moved, playing in the backyard and most of all trips to the beach and weeks at the lake house where my mom grew up. My mom always needed to be near water and its one of my favorite things about her and I’m so grateful I had those experiences.


I never realized how much work went into summer until I became a parent. I’m so grateful my parents spent the time, energy, and money (they didn’t have much) for us to have those memories. But there is the other side of summer that I'm so fond of: swimming in the ocean, collecting shells, lakeside picnic lunches, sleeping on the porch and listening to the boats make waves in the early morning hours, watching the sun through the treetops swinging in the hammock, catching lightening bugs, reading a book for hours, rainy afternoons, flashlights after dark, sitting on the dock watching the water, the sounds and smells of family dinners. 



In addition to creating family memories and managing our homes (last week I wrote about summer routines) during the summer months, don't forget to create space for rest, for idleness and play. Remember these memories are shaping them.


When your daughter is a grown woman with a family of their own, what do you want her to remember about her carefree summers? What do you remember about your summers as a girl?

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