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summer routines

feet hanging outside a pool on a summer day


We all love summer. Even if you aren't a summer person, just the idea of warm sunshine and carefree days gives us a fresh look at life. As moms we feel the overwhelming tension of wanting the lazy days of summer and the need to structure our time so we have some sense of normalcy. 


Girls in the preteen phase of life are already feeling as though their life is out of control (their emotions, friendships, physical changes, etc). It's a normal transformation and I'm sure you remember those same feelings when you were growing up. So how do we help them navigate the summer?


I believe that giving your daughter ownership in certain areas of her life will allow her to figure out her strengths and weaknesses, her interests, what brings her joy, how to help around the house, finding her place in the family. Ownership is a huge topic and we can't cover all the points today but we will return to this idea many times in the future. 


Generally speaking, as moms we determine what needs to happen in our homes to keep things running smoothly. But we don't need to control every minute of our kids day, remember we are actually trying to work ourselves out of a job and prepare our kids for life.


Summer is the perfect time to experiment with routines and ownership. You will have to take into consideration your own family dynamics, schedules, and personalities. If you need some help with personalities I recommend checking out Gretchen Rubin, author of The Four Tendencies. She's concluded that we are motivated through 4 distinct tendencies (in our family of 4 we all have a different one).


"The least strained & most natural ways of the soul, are the most beautiful; Montaigne quote

Here is my challenge: allow your daughter plan out a simple summer routine for herself.


She may need some direction to begin with, but don't do it for her (even if she is reluctant to do this activity), give boundaries where you need to and stay flexible. I've included a printable for your daughter to fill out and make her own routines. If something doesn't work, just print off another and make adjustments. This is a living experiment.



morning: brush teeth, feed the dog, fix your own breakfast, make the bed, journal, read, put on deodorant, brush hair, get dressed, ride my bike...


daily tasks: practice piano, unload dishwasher, draw in sketchbook, make bracelets for friends, bake cookies, sweep the floors, wash your own clothes, try a new hobby, go swimming...


night: bath, wash face, pick up room, take a walk with the family, pick out clothes for tomorrow, read in bed for 30 minutes...


These are just ideas and there are no wrong ways to do this, but make sure there is a mixture fun things and responsibilities. The most important thing...KEEP IT SIMPLE.


summer routine printable


I would love to see what the Margaret Mae Society members summer routines look like. Share here in the comments and with your friends on Instagram. Don't forget to tag us @margaretmaesociety #margaretmaesociety !

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