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about me


Hello, my name is Ginny and I am a wife, mom, introvert, artist and maker. I live just outside of Nashville, TN with my basketball coach/teacher husband, and our two teenage kids (Amelia and Roxton), and our English springer spaniel, Memphis (named after a movie character, not the city).


When my daughter was 10, I wanted her to enjoy her preteen years, focusing on tangible things that helped her develop and grow. She inspired me to create a collection of accessories that reflected her style, personality, interests, hobbies, and collections.



The Margaret Mae Society is here to inspire girls to embrace their girlhood through timeless hobbies and classic style accessories: vintage-inspired, feminine, simple and practical. Each handmade, personalized bag is created to reflect a girl’s unique personality, hobbies, interests, and collections. 


Margaret Mae is simply a girl who enjoys reading, taking walks in nature, collecting her favorite things, writing letters, and being creative. She is quiet, observant, and wants to see the world. She is nostalgic for a time when life was simpler, and loves vintage things that give her a glimpse to the past. She is a modern girl who has a gentle voice and wants to make her mark in the world, but she also embraces her girlhood and femininity.


Margaret is my middle name and has been a family name for many generations. I have always loved making things, whether it’s through painting, drawing, sewing, stitching, writing, and many other ways. Mae is my Grandmother’s middle name. She was an artist and maker and taught me to sew when I was 13 and always encouraged my creativity. 



I come from a long line of creative, entrepreneurial women who were in many ways ahead of their time. They were wives, mothers, homemakers, but they were also artists, makers, sewists, designers, educated, business owners, leaders, public speakers and even a political activist. This wonderful legacy is something I highly value and I want to share that with you. 


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